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How Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals In Ocala FL & Beyond Can Save Your Summer Construction Site
Here in Florida, construction projects are springing up all around — in fact, you might be spearheading one of your own as a home builder or commercial contractor! Though the Sunshine State is known for its beautiful weather typically friendly to construction projects, the arrival of summer also signals the return of hurricane season, as well as the everyday potential for severe thunderstorms.
Celebrate National Parks & Recreation Month With The Leaders In Marion County Recycling
Every July, we celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month — and all the beautiful, fun-filled parks that shape our communities every day! The Sunshine State alone is home to 175 state parks (ranging from breezy beach spots to lush subtropical forests), and countless city parks, too.
How VIP Gainesville Portable Restrooms Can Enhance Your Central Florida Summer Wedding
Summer is the season of weddings! Whether you’re celebrating yours this year, or planning ahead for 2022, one unexpected addition can make your special day that much better — a VIP portable restroom. Outdoor weddings have always been popular in the Sunshine State, and became an especially attractive option over the last year.
Summer Recycling Ideas From The Leaders In Ocala Trash Pickup & Beyond
School is out! For kids, that means a much-anticipated break from the books, early mornings and extracurriculars. For parents, of course, this season often involves finding new ways to keep our kids entertained and our homes in-tact after all the (sometimes messy) summer fun. Fortunately, we have plenty of ideas on how to do both! As your trusted Ocala trash pickup professionals, Florida Express Environmental has you covered with tips and tricks on achieving a fun-filled, sustainable summer. Just read on to get started.
Central Florida Wedding Ideas: Special Event Essentials To Store In Gainesville Portable Restrooms
Just like beautiful flowers and your favorite songs, the perfect outdoor wedding or special event wouldn’t be complete without one unexpected essential — luxurious, VIP restroom trailers! At Florida Express Environmental, our Gainesville portable restrooms help provide your family and friends with a comfortable experience at your event — one that’s memorable for all the right reasons.
Trash Pickup In Ocala FL & The Surrounding Area: Top Tips For Your Summer Cookout
It’s that sizzling time of year again! Summer is time for delicious cookouts, defined by great flavors and even better company. As you and your friends gather outdoors for this tasty tradition, here are a few tips for effortless cleanup from your trusted Marion County trash pickup pros, who proudly work throughout Central Florida.
IMG proudly promotes John A. Paglia III to president – the third generation of the Paglia name to earn such a title.
From humble beginnings to industry novelty, former general manager John A. Paglia III accepts the promotion to president of IMG, the parent company of Florida Express Environmental.
Dumpster Rentals Ocala FL and Beyond: Tips for the Season Ahead
Just like you, Florida Express is gearing up for the holiday season ahead! Here in the Sunshine State, the winter months abound with construction projects, remodeling and, of course, classic holiday fun - and we're here to help you navigate it all with ease and effortless waste solutions, such as our dumpster rentals Ocala FL residents and beyond know and trust! Read on to learn more.
How Gainesville Portable Restrooms Can Improve Your Fall Family Gathering
As we progress further into fall, families across the Sunshine State may be looking for ways to enjoy cherished fall traditions with safety and social distance in mind. As you prepare to plan your own fall and holiday season gathering, our Gainesville portable restrooms (serving Alachua County and the greater Central Florida region) may be the perfect addition to your outdoor affair.
The Power of a Team
An excerpt from the November 2020 issue of Waste Advantage Magazine, which you can read today!
How to Choose Affordable Portable Toilets for Your Construction Project
The right portable toilet can help your team enjoy a clean, comfortable, productive work environment. But how do you choose the right options for your unique job site? Here at Florida Express Environmental, we have you covered! Read on for a few helpful tips to consider as you choose this essential feature for job site success.
Safe, Clean & Comfortable: Equipping Your Construction Site for Success
For construction industry professionals, safe, clean and comfortable job sites are essential to successful projects. Plus, stringent standards are especially important to follow as we collectively work to maintain healthy communities, where we (and our families) can safely live, work and play.
Recruiting in a Changing World
An excerpt from the August 2020 issue of Waste Advantage Magazine, which you can read today!
The Takeaways of COVID-19
An excerpt from the June 2020 issue of Waste Advantage Magazine, which you can read today!
Business Spring Cleaning: 5 Benefits of Using Roll-Off Dumpsters
Spring cleaning may be happening a little late this year—perhaps your business is just beginning to reopen after months at home, or you are making operational changes for a more flexible workspace. Whatever the case may be, Florida Express Environmental is here to help. From commercial recycling to roll-off dumpster rentals Ocala FL businesses and those in the surrounding area can count on us for convenient cleanup where it matters most.
How to Find Front-Load Waste Containers for Your Business Needs
With the help of front-load waste container trash pickup, Gainesville businesses and those in the surrounding area can enjoy big benefits like worry-free waste removal and a clean, safe space for employees and customers alike. How do you find the perfect containers for your unique needs? Just read on as we share four simple tips.
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Waste and Recycling Industry
An excerpt from the May 2020 issue of Waste Advantage Magazine, which you can read today!
How Florida Express Environmental Helps You Stay Home Safely
During these uncertain times, Florida Express Environmental is here to deliver the quality service our communities have come to know and expect—with added measures to ensure an even safer environment for our customers and employees.
3 Ways We’re Serving Essential Businesses
Now more than ever, essential businesses help keep our communities running. Florida Express Environmental is just one of many organizations serving our customers with care, convenience and quality service when it matters most—and are here to help our fellow businesses do the same.
5 Big Benefits of Recycling in Marion County
Recycling can save you both time and money. Use these tips to discover the major benefits.
How to Pick VIP Restroom Trailers for Your Outdoor Event
Provide your guests with clean, safe, and comfortable facilities. Learn how you can rent a high-quality restroom trailer.
From Trash to Treasure: How We Turn Yard Waste to Eco-Friendly Mulch
Do good by the environment and reduce your waste at the same time. Learn how you can have it all with this advice.
5 Big Benefits of Gainesville Portable Restrooms for Alachua County Job Sites
If you’re looking for ways to enhance the safety and smooth operation of your construction site in Gainesville, portable bathroom options may be exactly what you need! At Florida Express Environmental, we have the comfortable, equipped toilets you need to ensure a successful project. Just read on as we share a few big benefits of this essential service—and to see how we can help deliver yours at a cost you can feel good about.
Better Your Alachua County Business with Commercial Garbage Services
Improve efficiency, boost employee satisfaction, and make a great impression clients and customers. Learn how commercial garage services in Alachua County can benefit your business.
Season's Greetings: 5 Key Tips for Marion County Trash Pickup
‘Tis the season of sharing gifts, food and holiday celebrations with family and friends. All the holiday fun can add up to an extra 7 million tons of trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, according to Stanford University, but there are plenty of ways to manage the mess! Just read on for a few of our best tips, including how to prepare your Marion County trash pickup plan for the holidays. Take a look.
5 Tips for Reduced-Waste Holiday Feasts with Ocala Recycling
The holiday season is filled with family, friends and delicious food! These flavorful feasts can sometimes be daunting to clean up after—but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to both cut down on cleanup and reduce overall waste from your gathering! Just read on for five simple tips, including how to savor a sustainable meal with Ocala recycling and beyond.
Why Roll-Off Dumpsters Are Perfect for Your Alachua County Construction Project
As a construction professional, you know that construction, roofing and demolition projects can create lots of waste and debris—fortunately, there’s an easy way to safely contain the refuse and remove it from your site! Read on to see a few big benefits of using roll-off dumpsters in Alachua County construction projects.
5 Ways to Encourage Recycling in Your Ocala Home
You already know that recycling is a great way to help the environment, but are you wondering where to start? Like many great habits, this one begins at home. Read on as we share five simple ways to encourage recycling in your Ocala home.
Office Safety
Every employee has a part to make the company successful. If the business is successful, it is better shared among employees. It makes them buy in and want to be there.
Reducing Distracted Driving Incidents/ Accidents/Near Misses
As our world and roads become harder to navigate, minimize the distractions that you can control.
An Evolving Industry
2017 brought some changes that will continue to influence the way the waste and recycling industry evolves.
Effectively Using Social Media
If managed properly, social media can be used as a tool to promote your company, even from your toughest critics.
Image is Everything
Taking pride in your equipment and people has many advantages that are worth it.
Taking on the Summer Heat
Preventative is the key word when you are faced with the summer heat.
Promoting from Within or Hiring from Outside the Company: Deciding which is the Best Option
Deciding to fill open positions is never an easy one; there are always costs and risks associated with it. If you have the ability to hire and fire, someone has the faith in you that you know what pieces of the puzzle are needed to execute the task properly.
Chapters of the Garbage Man
With a diverse customer base, it is very important to always put every customer first. Serving every customer with this mindset will allow you to grow a successful business that can be measured further than your profit margin.
Managing an Aging Fleet
Reliability has nothing to do with the age of the truck; it lies in the skill of the operator and maintenance program in place. A new truck, not maintained, could and will cause more headaches than “old Betsy”. Manage your fleet and they will stick around; ignore them and they will ignore you.
Culture Shock
No day in our business goes as planned. Be ready to adapt and overcome obstacles when they come your way. Educate your employees new and old on what you expect from them.
Employee Satisfaction
Get to know your staff and develop your own formula for motivation.
2016 Comes to a Close
Good or bad, get ready to hit the ground running in 2017.
Accident/Incident? Now What?
Having a strict training program, well developed and in-tune maintenance and HR staff, as well as organized staff meetings to address and brainstorm causes and preventative measures to learn from, can help avoid accidents from reoccurring in the future.
Embrace the Technology
Giving some attention to social media and video/photo documentation is just a piece of the technological puzzle that you too can use to promote and make the industry safer one company at a time.
Diversity Across the Industry
Being able to converse with each other, allows haulers to learn and see where everyone’s struggles are currently.
Educating the Public
As our trucks, technology and other waste products evolve to be more efficient, we must evolve our practices to be more efficient as well.
Monday Morning Motivations
Addressing accidents or near misses immediately is a solid plan. Addressing an issue days later, serves no purpose to correcting a problem. Take action once all facts are gathered and create a plan for prevention.
Company Wide Involvement
Be sure to get everyone involved. Safety truly is everyone’s job.
Increase Your Employees’ Education
Increasing every employee’s knowledge in our industry is a direct benefit to an improved safety record and communication. When the left-hand knows what the right hand is doing, plans can better materialize and come to fruition.
Recruitment at Every Level
We need to change the image of the waste and recycling industry and make the career choice attractive to younger recruits before it is too late.
Reasons for the Seasons
Make sure you take the weather into account when performing the routing and daily planning of your fleet.
Undercover Boss
As we all get caught up as managers behind a computer screen, or planning for the big picture, we sometimes forget the basics.
Evolution of the Garbage Industry
The waste industry, as all of us know, is always extremely competitive. Many times, the average salesman will do or promise anything to gain a new customer and meet a quota
Increasing your Efficiency with Electronics
How can we deal with the struggles that go with electronic components on our trucks?
Policies and Procedures
What guidelines should be established in a company handbook?
Training New Employees
What are some strategies to train new employees and continue to train the established ones?
Maintaining a Clean Shop
What are some steps to keeping your shop clean and orderly?
The Real Cost of Regeneration
What Has Been Your Experience with Regeneration Technology?
Motivating Your Staff
What are the best ways to motivate and guide my staff?
Growing Your Company’s Reputation
How can I grow my company’s positive image in the areas we serve?
Using Your Employees as Assets for Route Optimization
In what ways do my employees complement route optimization technology?

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