Safe, Clean & Comfortable: Equipping Your Construction Site for Success

Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 5:52PM

Safe, Clean & Comfortable: Equipping Your Construction Site for Success

For construction industry professionals, safe, clean and comfortable job sites are essential to successful projects. Plus, stringent standards are especially important to follow as we collectively work to maintain healthy communities, where we (and our families) can safely live, work and play.

Just read on to learn more about ways you can achieve a job site that prioritizes safety, cleanliness and comfort with Florida Express Environmental.

Safety first

You work to ensure that your team complies with all safety requirements at every step of the construction process—however, Florida Express Environmental can help you with safety “blind spots” that your operation has not already addressed. For example, portable toilets equipped with hand-washing stations can help maintain a safe, hygienic environment for all. We also strive to achieve safety for the environment, too, complying with all environmental regulations to dispose of your commercial waste in a responsible way.

Cleanliness you can count on

Another essential element of workplace health is cleanliness. This can apply to hygiene (with the help of portable restrooms, hand washing stations and other convenient options), as well as the physical cleanliness of your space. The same old rule for a clean house—“a place for everything, and everything in its place”—applies to your job site, too! Ensure that all of your construction materials have a safe space to be disposed of, clearing the construction site for your team to safely navigate with ease. Our rolloff dumpsters can be especially helpful in this area, giving you an effortless means of roofing and demolition debris disposal, as well as landscaping, metal and cardboard recycling in Gainesville and throughout our many regions served in Central Florida.

A more comfortable work environment

As you oversee a job site, you naturally want to help make it a comfortable, productive place for your team to work. Go above and beyond with VIP restroom trailers that allow your employees the space and comfort they deserve, all from the convenience of an on-site amenity.

We hope that these tips help you achieve safe, successful construction sites this summer and all year long. For assistance in planning your site—and equipping it with only the highest-quality products and services on the market—contact Florida Express Environmental today. We are here to help you at every step of the way.

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