Curbside Services
Curbside Services

Yard Waste Removal

The way things grow in Florida, there's always something to clip, trim, or pull around the house. Let us help turn that unwanted yard waste into environmentally-friendly mulch.

From grass clippings to weeds and nuisance plants, tree and shrub refuse (including limbs and stumps), leaves and tree debris, and more, we offer regular pickup service. That means you can focus on beautifying your property year-round, knowing Florida Express Environmental is always standing by to haul off yard waste.

Yard Waste Collection is picked up once a week. To ensure yard waste removal, please place your waste at the curb before 6:30 AM on your service day. 

Yard Waste Specifications: 

  • Any yard waste containing household garbage will not be picked up with yard waste. When household garbage is included, it is not permitted to be dumped at the yard debris dump site. 
  • Loose yard waste must be placed in containers, not plastic garbage bags. 
  • The collection crew is not responsible for picking up any uncontainerized debris. 
  • Maximum weight of any item is 40 pounds. 
  • Branches and tree twigs must be bundled 
  • Limbs up to 4 ”in diameter and up to 4 'in length may be stacked in piles that weigh no more than 40 pounds. 
  • Any limbs that are larger must be cut to meet the length and weight requirements. 

What is not accepted as Yard Waste? 

  • Wood Building Material 
  • Chemically Treated Wood such as railroad ties. These items must be cut to size and placed for collection on your garbage pickup day.

Please call us today to get more specifics on how to properly handle this waste based on your quantity of material needed to dispose of.

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