5 Ways to Encourage Recycling in Your Ocala Home

Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 1:49PM

5 Ways to Encourage Recycling in Your Ocala Home

You already know that recycling is a great way to help the environment, but are you wondering where to start? Like many great habits, this one begins at home. Read on as we share five simple ways to encourage recycling in your Ocala home.

Lead by example

Just like eating healthy or brushing your teeth, the best way to encourage your children to recycle is to do it yourself! Make a point of showing them what you recycle (just read on for a quick list of some of the common acceptable items), and how you do it by simply placing it in the appropriate bin. By leading the way with good behavior, you can encourage your entire family to follow suit!

Teach kids about recycling

Fortunately, modern families are becoming more and more eco-conscious every day! So even if you haven’t been recycling all along, your children may already have some familiarity with the concept of recycling. If not, it never hurts to help teach them about this important practice. You can do this through hands-on crafts for young kids—for example, turning an oatmeal container into a play drum; a plastic bottle into a piggy bank; or an old newspaper into origami or papier mache! Older kids may have a better understanding of the recycling process, and how it can turn old paper and plastic bottles into everything from tote bags to comfy shoes. It’s also a great time to teach about recycling’s “cousins,” reducing and reusing, to introduce the concept of living with less waste.

Make recycling easy

To ensure that recycling “sticks” in your house, you will naturally want to make it as easy as possible. Fortunately, you won’t need to do too much to achieve this! Recycling is already a very straightforward process. Just guide your family toward adding waste into the proper bin. You can make it simpler by adding smaller bins throughout the house, especially in areas like the home office or craft room where lots of paper will need to be discarded. You can also pick out a dual bin or recycling sorter to add to your current trash drawer, so that you can easily dispose of both traditional waste and recyclables at the same time.

Learn what can be recycled

Wondering where to get started? A quick list of common recyclables includes paper (copy paper, notebook paper, newspaper, etc.), glass bottles and plastic bottles. By switching to recycling for common items like these, you can dramatically change your home’s waste footprint. We can always help answer any questions about potential recyclables you may not be sure about!

Find out about recycling pickup near you

If you’re interested in helping the environment here in Ocala, recycling can be a great, effortless way to do it! Fortunately, we are here to help you make the switch with ease. Call Florida Express Environmental today to learn more about recycling pickup near you and for help getting started. We can’t wait to see you make a meaningful difference through this simple switch.

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