How Our Marion County Recycling Services Help Keep America Beautiful

Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 1:40PM

How Our Marion County Recycling Services Help Keep America Beautiful

Did you know that April is known as Keep America Beautiful Month — a time to celebrate our beautiful local environment, and help it look its best for years to come? Of course, here at Florida Express Environmental (your go-to team for Marion County recycling, commercial waste needs, and more), this mission is at the forefront of our minds all year long. Just read on to discover some of the many ways we strive to beautify our community — and help you do the same! Take a look.

Making Recycling Easy

We all know the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling — of course, as is the case with many things, the old adage is sometimes easier said than done! But not with Florida Express Environmental. We strive to make recycling a simple part of your life thanks to spacious recycling bins and specialized options for unique kinds of recycling, like scrap metal and cardboard. In addition to using our services as a foundation for recycling in your life, you can practice recycling at home with fun crafts kids will love (such as turning an old oatmeal container into a play drum- set, or toilet paper rolls into fun figurines).

When you recycle with Florida Express Environmental, you can be sure that your collection will be going to our state-of-the-art facility, which supports efforts to recycle 100 percent of our intake. That means less beautiful landscapes cluttered with trash!

Mindful, Eco-Friendly Practices

At Florida Express Environmental, we don’t just help you uphold eco-friendly practices — we embrace them ourselves! As passionate members of the very communities we serve every day, we make sure to follow safety and regulatory standards when disposing of the waste we take in. Safe, responsible disposal is an essential but often overlooked part of keeping America beautiful.

Yard Waste Solutions For Spring Cleaning And Beyond

Keeping America beautiful, of course, starts with your very own yard! If you are participating in a bit of spring cleaning this year, you can count on Florida Express Environmental to provide roll-off dumpsters and other receptacles that can make your outdoor projects even easier.

This April and all year long, Florida Express Environmental is here to help Marion County and all of the Sunshine State look and feel its very best! Contact us today to learn about solutions for your home or business.

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