3 Business Documents that Should Always Be Shredded

Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 10:15AM

3 Business Documents that Should Always Be Shredded

While trespassing is illegal in Florida, dumpster diving is not. So, if your business trash makes it to the curb, anyone can swipe it and sift through the documents within. This is why creating and enforcing company policies related to proper data destruction is so important.

When it comes to document destruction, the best place to start is by understanding what you need to shred to comply with data privacy laws and what information is in your best interests to protect.
Here are three types of data you should always dispose of via professional shredding practices.

Financial Data

You never want your company’s financial data to fall into the wrong hands. For example, it could be used to siphon funds from your accounts or set up fraudulent accounts in your name. Which financial records should you shred?

You should never throw a document containing financial data in the trash. This includes physical copies of:

• Tax records
• Tax documents (invoices, receipts, etc.)
• Bank, credit card, and other financial statements
• Payroll records

With the right partner for document destruction, you can have your financial documents shredded on-site and hauled away for secure disposal.

Legal Documents

Legal documents like contracts contain sensitive information that you might not want your competitors to see or shouldn’t be subject to public review. For the most part, you’ll want to hang on to original copies of legal documents in perpetuity. But if you’re disposing of additional copies or contracts that are obsolete, for example, do not add them to your next major commercial document dump. Shred them for your own protection.

Proprietary Information

You might not think documents containing business plans or executive communications have value to anyone outside your company, but your competitors would probably like to see them. Dumpster diving thieves are on the prowl for information they can sell to the highest bidder. In truth, it’s often easiest to adopt a shred-all policy and destroy every document that leaves your office.

Check with a Local Expert in Document Destruction

Whether you’re looking for shredding services in Alachua, Citrus, Lake, Levy, Marion, or Sumter Counties, professional shredding services know what should be added to your shred pile rather than tossed in the trash. Consult with your preferred document destruction service for guidance on best practices.

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