Gainesville Portable Restrooms & More Ways To Prepare For An Outdoor Fall Gathering

Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 11:45PM

Gainesville Portable Restrooms & More Ways To Prepare For An Outdoor Fall Gathering

What better time than brisk, beautiful fall to enjoy an outdoor gathering here in the Sunshine State? Whether it’s a Halloween party, Thanksgiving feast, birthday, wedding, or other special event, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate — and Florida Express Environmental can help you plan the perfect get-together. From Gainesville portable restrooms to other smart solutions for an effortless gathering, here are some of our top tips to keep in mind!

Effortless Comfort & Convenience

Want to level up your fall gathering? In gorgeous cities like Gainesville, portable restrooms help your guest enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors — the beautiful, changing leaves, the cool weather, you name it — minus the inconvenience. Our portable restrooms and VIP restroom trailers make your guests feel at home as they freshen up, and there’s even room to have them stocked with handy essentials like boutique soaps, lotions, and any other luxurious goodies you may have in mind.

Plus, for larger gatherings that go beyond your average dinner party, having more than one restroom option on hand will ensure that no one ever needs to line up for the restroom and risk missing all the fun that’s going on outside!

Warm, Cozy Heat Options

Florida is known for its year-round warmth, but our fall and winter days can see the occasional cold snap! Fortunately, patio heaters and firepits are two stylish options for warming up your space, depending on the size and setup of your gathering.

Keep The Bugs At Bay

While you’re definitely less likely to see flying pests in fall and winter — compared to the muggier spring and summer months — they may still play into your special event planning considerations. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your big day as bug-free as possible. Citronella candles and anti-mosquito torches are two options that will blend in seamlessly with your outdoor event. For longer-term natural repellent options, Garden Design recommends basil, lavender, and mint as a few versatile, fragrant options that will also pest-proof your outdoor space a bit.

Have A Golden Hour Photo Session

Photographers recommend the period of time just before sunset as the perfect time to snap photos of your gathering! Whether you have a professional photographer on hand or simply want to take a bunch of candids with friends, be sure to plan accordingly so you get the best possible lighting for all those special moments.

Don’t Forget A Back-Up Plan

With all this being said, we know that Florida has the potential to throw a weather curveball at virtually any time of year. You may find it helpful to buy yourself some peace of mind with a contingency plan — like moving your event to the porch or under a tent should the beautiful fall forecast turn out to be not so beautiful.

Whatever special event you have planned for this fall, Florida Express Environmental can’t wait to help take it to the next level! Call us today and learn more about our celebration-ready solutions for you, your family, and friends.

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