Ocala’s Florida Express Environmental awards 29 employees with $145,000 in bonuses for zero accidents, incidents & injuries

Fri, Jan 13, 2023 at 11:02AM

Ocala’s Florida Express Environmental awards 29 employees with $145,000 in bonuses for zero accidents, incidents & injuries

OCALA, Fla. – During its 2022-2023 Safety Kickoff and Annual Safety Awards on January 11, 2023, Ocala-based Florida Express Environmental (FEE) awarded 29 employees with a total of $145,000 in annual safety bonuses to recognize their excellence in industry-leading safety performance, customer service, attendance, and workspace cleanliness.

All employees initially were enrolled in the company’s 0-0-0 Safety Program, setting out to achieve 0 accidents, 0 incidents, and 0 injuries. Employees who achieved a perfect score in the program for a consecutive 12 months not only received a $500 monthly bonus, but also were awarded a $5,000 annual bonus. Of the 29 award recipients, 12 were repeat winners from the previous year period. Since FEE’s inception in 2001, the company has paid out over $2,825,000 to all employees enrolled in the 0-0-0 Safety Program who display commitment to providing industry-leading safety performance.

“Having grown up around the business, I have a deeper respect for all the men and women on my team,” said FEE President John Paglia III. “I remind everyone that no matter your role with the company, we are all an important part and reason for success and shortfalls, realizing that we win and lose as a team. To be able to award some of our team with such a bonus motivates everyone to create a safe culture that we strive to consistently achieve day in and day out.”

Of 2022’s 29 Annual Safety Award winners, the average tenure was approaching five years. Paglia believes that this fact motivates the FEE team toward nurturing the next group of leadership within the company.

“As Florida Express Environmental continues to grow, so will the benefits and awards we make available
to safety driven team members,” said Paglia, “placing the reward on what we value the most: safety

Florida Express Environmental is an industry leader in the waste hauling and recycling business with a focus on sustainable, environmentally-responsible operations. Founded in 2001, FEE has committed to offering competitive wages, safety bonuses, benefits and ample career opportunities for each of their employees. FEE’s employee-centered initiatives within the environmental services industry prove especially noteworthy as a growing company with a fleet size currently under 65 trucks.

For more information on the Annual Safety Awards or Florida Express Environmental’s impact and mission, please contact John Paglia III at (352) 629-4349 or

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