4 Ways to Improve Your Waste Management

Tue, Nov 15, 2022 at 10:45AM

4 Ways to Improve Your Waste Management

Waste management is an important concern for every business, but many owners and managers have begun taking a closer look at how they handle and remove waste. Creating a strategy for managing waste and recyclables in your own organization can help you keep tighter control over this critical aspect of your company’s operations.

1. Identify the Types of Waste Your Business Produces

Evaluating your day-to-day functions will tell you what types of waste your business produces. Depending on your industry, you might see significant quantities of plastic waste or metal scraps. Alternatively, you might produce chemical waste and similar byproducts.

Once you know what types of waste your business creates, you can devise a system for managing it. This might involve creating an area for recyclable receptacles in addition to regular trash containers. You might also need to formulate a more efficient plan for collecting and storing waste of various types.

2. Use Dumpster Rentals to Collect Non-Recyclables

All businesses produce different amounts of non-recyclable waste, so it’s important to look at the volume of waste your company in particular generates. Knowing how much non-recyclable waste you’re putting out will help you choose the best dumpster rentals for your facility.

Select the size of the rental dumpster and frequency of removal that best reflects the volume of waste your facility produces on a weekly basis. This will help you avoid overspending on waste removal services.

3. Audit Your Recyclable Waste for More Efficient Removal

In addition to scheduling garbage pickup services, you’ll also want to collect recyclables and have them removed to a recycling facility. Estimate the size and number of recycling containers you need to avoid wasting space and financial resources on too-large containers or too-frequent removal.

4. Train and Incentivize Your Employees

Once you have a system for managing your waste more efficiently, you’ll need to inform your employees about the changes to your waste management policies.

Proper training will help employees comply with new waste collection and storage procedures. You might also need to assign employees to collect and place waste in the proper storage containers.

Your employees will be more enthusiastic about your recycling and waste management processes if you get them involved. Ask for their ideas and suggestions, or consider offering rewards for meeting recycling benchmarks.

Stay on Top of Waste Production in Your Business

As your company grows and implements new technologies, the type and volume of waste you produce will likely change. You should therefore make a routine practice of finding ways to efficiently manage waste. Keeping current on these changes will help you streamline waste removal and other vital processes.

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