3 Ways We’re Serving Essential Businesses

Fri, May 08, 2020 at 10:31AM

3 Ways We’re Serving Essential Businesses

Now more than ever, essential businesses help keep our communities running. Florida Express Environmental is just one of many organizations serving our customers with care, convenience and quality service when it matters most—and are here to help our fellow businesses do the same.

Read on to learn more about the ways we are available to help essential businesses keep operations running smoothly.

Providing roll-off dumpsters, front-load waste containers and more

Many of the businesses deemed essential are those tasked with maintaining our communities, such as contractors performing safety and sanitation work, open construction sites, landscaping professionals and more. These are just a few of the many diverse businesses that may benefit from Florida Express Environmental’s roll-off dumpsters in Gainesville and the surrounding area, as well as front-load waste containers that can assist businesses undergoing spring cleaning and other projects this season.

Supplying portable toilets for comfort and convenience

Essential employees are providing much-needed support services across the state and beyond. Our portable toilets help them do their jobs safely, whether they are at a construction site or similar spot that requires comfort and convenience. (And of course, we look forward to working with our customers in the future on their special events with VIP restroom trailers their guests are sure to appreciate.)

We know that many businesses are facing financial questions today—which is why our commitment to affordable services has never been more important. Let Florida Express Environmental provide your team with the resources you need at cost-effective prices you can feel good about.

Supporting local businesses

Here at Florida Express Environmental, we strive to support local businesses during these uncertain times—and encourage you to do the same, whenever and wherever possible for you! For example, our team has been enjoying delicious Mojos lunches as fuel for our day’s work and a tasty treat that supports our community.

We are also working to support our own team through measures such as daily deep cleaning of our vehicles for a safe, secure ride, and shorter routes with additional staff to ensure that our customers and employees are able to enjoy even more peace of mind at home.

We hope you, your family and employees continue to stay safe in the season ahead! If you have any questions about our commercial or residential services, we’re here to help. Please feel free to call Florida Express Environmental today to learn more.

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