Celebrate National Parks & Recreation Month With The Leaders In Marion County Recycling

Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 9:06PM

Celebrate National Parks & Recreation Month With The Leaders In Marion County Recycling

Every July, we celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month — and all the beautiful, fun-filled parks that shape our communities every day! The Sunshine State alone is home to 175 state parks (ranging from breezy beach spots to lush subtropical forests), and countless city parks, too.

Here at Florida Express Environmental, we are extremely passionate about preserving parks’ natural charm and accessibility — and clean, convenient trash disposal is a big part of that! Just read on as we share a few tips for enjoying your local park to the fullest. Plus, see how Florida Express promotes a clean, waste-free environment across the state during National Parks and Recreation Month and all year long.

Embrace The “Pack-In, Pack-Out” Philosophy

Fans of backcountry camping — the sort that happens in more remote settings, immersed in nature without modern amenities or conveniences — are likely already familiar with the term “pack it in, pack it out.” With this practice, campers and parkgoers leave behind no trace of their presence like trash or food waste, so as to preserve the pristine natural environment.

While the practice is most well-known among backcountry campers, there’s no reason you can’t follow the same philosophy on everyday trips to your local park! It’s a helpful rule of thumb to teach young children, too, so they can learn eco-friendly habits early on.

Bring A Personal Trash Bag…

One way to embrace the “pack-in, pack-out” philosophy is to bring a personal trash bag with you — this way, instead of relying on a park’s potentially overstuffed trash can (or no trash can at all), you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your refuse will have a place.

… Or Opt For Reusable Picnicware

To avoid trash altogether, you can swap your lineup of paper or disposable products for more “green” plates, cups, and cutlery. From bamboo to BPA-free plastic, there are endless options to consider for a stylish, eco-friendly picnic in the park.

Make Your Special Event Extra Special

Florida’s gorgeous parks and natural outdoor settings often play host to special events like weddings and birthdays! Florida Express can help make these gatherings even better and more comfortable with the help of our portable restrooms.

Whether you have questions about Marion County recycling, or need help planning a special event at your local park, Florida Express has you covered! Call us today to book special event amenities, waste removal rentals, and so much more.

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