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Florida Express Environmental is the exclusive service provider for residential and small business trash pickup, recycling, and yard waste removal for the City of Belleview, Florida. We have put together a frequently asked questions with common answers. Our team of dedicated professionals strives to serve and meet the needs of the Belleview Citizens, emphasizing our motto of “ Safety First .”


What basic services does Florida Express provide to all residential and small business customers?

Per the exclusive Franchise Agreement in place between the City of Belleview and Florida Express Environmental, all residents receive

  • One (1) time per week waste / garbage (picked up on Monday or Thursday).
  • One (1) time per week recycling, and yard waste collection (picked up on Wednesday).


Included in your monthly rate, Florida Express Environmental will provide each resident

  • One (1) -95-gallon cart to be used for garbage removal
  • One (1) - 35-gallon cart for recyclable items.

* These cards remain the property of Florida Express Environmental.


What day is my garbage pickup?

Garbage pickup will be on Monday or Thursday. Although Highway 27/441/301 is the main divider, please see the service area map at / Residential / City of Belleview; to determine your day of garbage service pickup. If you have any questions please contact City Hall or Florida Express Environmental.


Garbage Carts: The large 95-gallon cart is used for garbage. All garbage must be inside this cart.

  • It is best to have garbage inside the can in tied plastic bags
  • Garbage should be drained of all liquids, especially used cooking oils.
  • Items not fitting into the cart will require a bulk pick up (Please see section below to learn how to schedule: How do I schedule a Bulk Waste or White Goods Collection?)
  • When placing the cart curbside, place it no further than 2 feet from the street and 3 feet from any obstructions (mailboxes, light poles, basketball hoops, trees, cars, trucks, etc.), with the arrows pointing toward the street and the handle of container facing your house,


Tips for once a week garbage pickup:

  • If you have a garbage disposal, use to eliminate food scraps and liquids.
  • Recycle as much as possible.
  • Avoid the use of plastics
  • Use reusable containers / glassware
  • Learn to repair rather than discard
  • Donate used items to friends, family, or local thrift shop or Goodwill.
  • Reduce throwaway glass bottles and containers.
  • Bag or double bag all waste during summer months when heat produces higher levels of smells and insects
  • Store containers in the shade during the week between collection days
  • Keep the lids closed
  • Consider washing your container out periodically. Pouring a capful of nonhazardous household cleaners will assist in odor control.


What day is my yard waste picked up and what are the specifications?

All yard waste will be picked up on Wednesday . Place yard waste in cans, boxes, bags (no more than 6 plastic bags), or bundles; such containers or bundles not to exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight, and 4 foot in length.


We strongly encourage reducing the use of plastic bags for accumulating yard trash as it cannot be mixed in with this type of waste. We would suggest using any customer-owned containers that were previously used for trash collection for all of your loose yard waste (such as leaves and sticks).


Any yard waste not meeting collection spec above, and not located curbside, will not be picked up.


What day is my recycling pickup? What can be placed in the recycling container?

Recycling will occur for all residents on Wednesday of every week. Only material placed inside the 35-gallon recycling cart will be accepted. Please refer to the lid of the recycling cart to the list of items allowed in the curbside recycling program. It is recommended breaking down all cardboard boxes.


What time do I need to have my garbage, yard waste, recycling curbside?

We ask all waste to be curbside either the night before your service day, or no later than 6:00 am on your collection day.


What happens if my normally scheduled service day falls on a holiday?

Florida Express Environmental only observes the following Holidays every year: Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day; New Year's Day; Memorial Day; July 4th; & Labor Day. On holiday weeks, there will be a one-day delay for the remainder of the week until pickup has been provided. Your normal scheduled pickup days will resume the next full week.


How do I schedule a Bulk Waste or White Goods Collection?

You must contact Florida Express directly to create a service ticket for our collection team. Please call 352-877-2036, Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm. Florida Express Environmental Customer Service Representative will answer the phone call. Should the item you need collected require any additional cost we will make you aware at time of scheduling and collect payment. Orders must be placed Monday by 2pm to have pick up the coming Wednesday. Once scheduling is confirmed, your item (s) will need to be curbside the next occurring Wednesday by 6:00 am. We will then have it collected by end of day. Please leave it curbside until it has been collected.



Note:  If you are purchasing new white goods or any household appliance, water heater or air-conditioning units, check with your retailer of choosing as they may remove your item upon delivery of new appliance and recycle it. If you need Florida Express to remove any appliance, and it contains Freon, the Freon must be removed and clearly identified prior to pick up.


Will Florida Express Environmental remove hazardous waste?

No. We do not collect any oils, gas, paint, thinners, fertilizers, insecticides, NiCad batteries, fluorescent bulbs, anything containing mercury, chlorine, acid (even empty containers), any chemical or explosive material and television sets. Please contact the Marion County Solid Waste department located at 5601 SE 66 th St in Ocala, FL or call (352) 671-8465 to find out what disposal options may be available to you.


Questions about my monthly bill - how do I set up / resume service?

Solid Waste service is set up as a part of the City's utility services and billed monthly on the utility bill.  Please contact the City of Belleview at Belleview City Hall, 5343 SE Abshier Blvd, Belleview, Florida, 34420 or call 352-245-7021 to initiate service.


Further Questions?

Please visit for other information regarding Florida Express Environmental and the services we offer. You can follow us on Facebook by searching for “Florida Express Environmental” or follow us on Instagram @ floridaexpress352. We post relevant news and emergency alerts depending on the time of year. We also have a page dedicated to City of Belleview. Please visit and look for the “Residential” tab. Under this tab you will see “City of Belleview” with FAQs, emergency alerts, training videos, etc.


Additionally, please visit and follow the City on Facebook by searching for City of Belleview.

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